District Map

Oita 2nd District
The Oita 2nd District is in the south part of Oita Prefecture and covers the following municipalities:

   Cities: Saiki, Hita, Bungo-ono, Taketa, Usuki, and Tsukumi
   Towns: Kusu and Kokonoe
   Others: Saganoseki and Notsuharu in Oita City

Oita Prefecture
Oita Prefecture is located in the northeast part of Kyushu, facing the Seto Inland Sea.
It has abundant natural assets: mountains, seas, forests, plains and valleys. Rainfall is plentiful in the mountainous regions where the rivers originate, and pure natural water springs from the ground to freshen the forests.

Japan is famous for its hot springs, and Oita Prefecture is particularly blessed in this regard. With the famous hot-spring resorts of Yufuin and Beppu, Oita Prefecture is one of the major tourist destinations in Japan.


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